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It is the Australian version of the television series produced by G4. Hey guys I want to make a video with my GF. I mean we were both in a relationship for a long time. Shes always wanted to do something fun, and we have some free time during the week. However I dont think shes ever been in a position to go out and explore some of the things I like to do. She also has never been interested in making a video, but I like it alot and I want to do it with her. My concerns so far are: Do we go out and try to find some places where I can do some of the activities shes interested in. You do itThe first thing you think is that you should probably talk to her about it, because you might be a bit hesitant about whats going to happen. You dont know if you can do what youre going to suggest or shell reject it. Thats the first reason why you should do it. Secondly you were sort of hoping that shed be interested enough in you that after she saw the video you wouldnt be too disappointed. However, if youre going to do this, then you need to get her a little out of her comfort zone. You dont feel like youd be able to go out and do things that she might have some.

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