Beauty and the Bestie is a 2015 Filipino action comedy film …

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Erika has been working in the You dont watch itNo, I think, you should watch it. If he can go back to his youngerpurerless shady days, then I can go back to my younger days. You watch itI think you should watch it. There is a bed, a table in a corner of the room, and shelves of clothes. All the walls are covered with photos of the two of you, and other friendslovers you feel inclined to bring in You see the two of you in some of your happiest times together. Her hair is in a bun, she wears a white tank top and has black yoga pants. Her eyes are green, but they look so blue because they are, you think, tears in them. Her smile is bright and joyful and shes holding a red feather that looks like a flower but its so big that she cant properly hold it in her hand. The girls name is Alyssa, and she looks at you and smiles: Alyssa, Alyssa. Shes your girlfriend now, your girlfriend forever. Youve been seeing her since you were in elementary school. You were in love with her then, and you still are. You think about her and how youve been through some things in your life; you think about all the terrible times youve had with other people, and how youve managed to make some good ones with her. You want to be happy, and you want to be free of all that. But you also want comfort and security, which Alyssa provides. Youre in your room at the beginning of the year, and you just had to go and leave. The two girls you love have been together since you were in kindergarten. You cant stay with them anymore, because you love them too much. Its not that you were never serious about them. Even after all this time, you were. Theyre more than just your girlfriends. When youre with Alyssa, you dont think about how much you miss home.

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