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I had something I could say for sure now. And this was my chance to say why I felt this way now. So I went through the rest of the video, and the rest of the videos with this new approach, and I was on my way to the top. And I got a lot moreAnd I never looked back.

Young, Money Kiki, Niki, Niki Tove. This is a good album and the cover is satisfying, no more bad. Maybe I can turn you into an artist. Now wheres that nice chair, I need to lie down. You: Can you sing me a sad song. She: You know when I was your age I hated your music and thought it was horrible, but now that I see you I love your music. So I dont want to make you unhappy. You: Ill tell you what, Im not happy with you, but Im not unhappy with you. Well if youre so sure about that then Im not going to make you so miserable. You: Im going to lay down in this chair. Ill take you to the darkest part of my basement, its all yours. You: You cant do that, its against the rules. Dont you watch The Big Bang Theory, thats dangerous. She: My son, you need to be more careful. You: I cant be more careful, as soon as I die Im going to be tortured for eternity. I want you to give me a good dream. She: The dream that youll have your own home in the sky. She: Very well, but I have to know if you can fulfill your childhood dream of creating a beautiful painting of the moon. You: Can I be happy knowing theres a painting of the moon. She: You may be happy, but you will never complete your painting if you dont complete this one.

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