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In David Bintleys latest ballet, Beauty and the Beast, the story centers on a woman, Belle, played by a woman who is forced to become a beast after a curse takes hold of her heart. But like many fairy tales, the Beast is a woman. And the curse that is causing her to lose her humanity is that of being raped and abused. The Beast has already been abused as an infant, which is why shes so vulnerable. She needs a hero to save her from this horrible fate. But as Beauty and the Beast, which premiered at the Royal Ballets New York City home, points out, we cant just look past gender when were discussing the relationship between a woman and her beast. In the film, Beauty and the Beast and her beast-loving friend Gaston, played by a gay man, bond over a mutual love of music. In the original story, Beauty falls in love with a pretty human named Gaston, but when her father discovers his daughter is in love with a beast, hes quick to curse and kill the animal in order to prevent her from falling in love with him. Belle falls in love with the Beast, but like Gaston, shes a woman as well. And like Gaston, Belle is a victim, a victim of a rape and abuse at the hands of her father. Belle has been abused by the Beast since she was a baby. And like Gaston, Belle is also a victim of her own pride. Beauty and the Beast is a story about a woman and her beast, and its a story of power and vulnerability. Theres a reason it has been called the most beautiful queer fairy tale ever written. If youre a girl, you should know how to be a beast, the Beast tells Belle later in the film. And so the film continues the theme of women as creatures of power and as victims of violence and abuse. But in addition to the physical transformation, Belle is also taught.

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