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Im not sure exactly how youll go about it since the title page of my fanzine reads:Beauty and the Beast: A Tribute to a Classic FilmI think it would be a good time to do a retrospective with this film since no one is really talking about it as of yet. I imagine there are a LOT of people who still havent seen it, but Im wondering if not doing a retrospective would actually be a better idea. There may also be people that would want to see it right away. Im thinking that even though its been ten years since the film came out I doubt that it is a film that people are going to go out of their way to see. It is a musical though so that will obviously appeal to a more mainstream audience. I dont want to ask for a lot and I realize Im jumping the gun on this, but Id really like a print of the film for my wall. It would be really neat to see it in its entirety in one sitting. You do a retrospectiveWell, if youre going to do a retrospective, youd think itd be the most appropriate way to show it in one sitting. This is basically a tribute to the film more than anything.

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