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In any case, I should really get back to my work of cleaning up the mansion before everyone falls asleep. Ve exactly been disappointed with your lot in life. S been pretty darn good to you so far, so why mess it all up by getting married, starting a family and all that other nonsense. Ve grown a little disillusioned, maybe even a little bitter. Ve been thinking more about what might have been. If you had just stayed in Rosewood and Bobby had never driven off with Diana. Ve been just as hard on you, if not harder. S not going to be easy, but you will do it. You will make a life with him just like he has made a life with you. M going to be a real bad girl and tell you what, I love you. Bobby goes silent for a moment, before he responds with a hug. You both of you begin to kiss and feel each other up. Once again, you begin to feel very uncomfortable, but it is also very nice. The pair of you soon finish up and you bid Bobby goodbye. You tell Diana what Bobby said, but she seems a little disappointed.

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