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JpgIMG IMG You continueYou are going to stay here and help them out as best you can, although you are also very intrigued by one of their buildings, the castle. You dont know much about the film, but it does seem like it has a lot of potential. You say as they return to their cars. A few seconds later, the four of you are on your way to the location the girl mentioned. You do your best to follow the route the girl had taken and eventually pick up a phone, as well as a small map. Now, the area where we will be is a little far from our school. So, we are going to park our cars here and go walk to this location. If we see anything out of the ordinary, we will contact the authorities, so we should be prepared in case of an ambush or anything. As you walk with them, you take the opportunity to ask about their school, as they arent from a normal school and are currently at home with their parents for the summer. My school is called Academy City and we are one of the few places left that offer a high quality education for humans and cyborgs. She tells you a bit about herself and you continue to ask her some questions in an attempt to learn as much as possible about what it will entail to be a student. The information you gather about her school seems to be good, as she explains that it is a bit isolated from other schools, but still close enough to keep up with the rest of the world. So I assume there isnt much that happens in the real world anymore. You know, I heard that some people live their whole lives in their pods. No, the human world no longer exists. What I mean is, there arent any wars going on, or any major issues. Your society no longer has to deal with any of that; humans no longer have to worry about nuclear weapons, aliens, zombies and other such things. Youre a little surprised by her words and she explains that the world is in a much different place.

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