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They go where no one else can. You continue writing on your tablet while Zalmora walks in. You:, Sigh, I dont know the exact figures, but Id say probably a few dozen, probably less than half a dozen of them have any talent at all. And I was kind of hoping to get your reaction to this assignment Im about to give you. You: No, shes given me something way more important. Well ever since I had that damn disease. I mean I havent really been out in years, what with all the time I spend in my private quarters or meditating. Hell, I even locked myself in my room for a long time after that first outbreak. You: I dont ever want to feel any of that again. Especially not when Im battling some big ass dragon or other being that is determined to kill me. You: Yeah, yeah Im really going. Im just worried about all the other stuff going on. You: Like what a bunch of people are likely to think of me. Most of them are going to be angry at me anyway for leaving the university. I mean I might not have liked him back, and it WAS his company that kidnapped me, but I was trying to figure out my life, as it were. And I dont just want to be sitting out here going through the motions of not knowing if Im going to die tomorrow or not. Zal: What was he doing in a dragon lair anyway. It didnt strike me as something youd do. You take a trip to HolgardYou: I want to see if this is even worth it.

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