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Plus, Juan Vega and John Freddy Cantona. Here-s someoftherelated videos:A few of the things that caught my eye: The WTF moment they have Belle eating a giant purple thing that looks suspiciously like a penis. The Beauty and the Beast parody that features a bunch of black dudes. I was also just starting to watch the movie Beauty and the Beast again, and remembered that one reason I hadnt watched it before was because I didnt really like the song that plays over the ending credits when Gaston and Belle first kiss. So I decided I need to watch that song for this review. And, what do you know, I actually like it more now that Ive re-watched the movie twice. And Im not just saying that because it contains a line I just found amusing. Here are a few of my suggestions for songs to play over the movies ending credits if you dont want to watch the movie. Ive chosen songs that I like, songs in the movie that I like, and songs in the movie I dont like so youll know which ones Im talking about when I give my suggestions. Beauty and the Beast by The KillersBelle of my Dreams by Elton JohnShake It Off by Justin TimberlakeThe Way You Make Me Feel by ShakiraDont Let Me Down by KeshaDont Take Your Love To Town by Britney SpearsCrazy in Love by The CranberriesAnd thats it. Let me know if there are any other songs youd like to see over the movies closing credit, or creditsOh yeah, the movie was rated PG-13. My suggestion would be to just watch the movie with the PG-13 rating turned off. The movie has some mature content, but not an offensive level of mature content. Also, the movie would be a lot funnier the less you knew about the characters and the setting. So if youre going to watch the movie, turn the PG-13 rating off unless you want to be spoiled. Thanks for reading my silly review of a silly film. Friday, October 46:42 AM: I woke up this morning with an urge to drink a lot of coffee, and Im not usually one for that.

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