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You think about selling them all in a few days, but realize that you have an extra copy of Beauty and the beast, so youll sell the other one once it gets old enough. You get in touch with a guy on the other side of the planet who is selling old VHS tapes like old comic books. He tells you to wait here while he brings more stuff in. Ten more minutes pass and a man wearing a lab coat walks in, he looks at Beauty and the beast and says, Uh, sorry about that, it looks like you already got your copy. He goes through the other three tapes, but Beauty and the beast is the only one that comes up. Beauty and the beast is old enough that you could probably get a good price on it. Its not like there are tons of the tapes like there are for movies. Theyre still relatively new, but the quality has definitely dropped a bit since they were first released in the 80s. The guy who sold you your copy of Beauty probably never had too many of the tapes, and youre pretty certain your copy isnt the best quality. Its also old and probably a little scratched up. In fact you could probably get a good price on almost any VHS tape thats old enough to have a label on it, and it would just be a matter of negotiating. You sell Beauty and the beast to a new ownerThis old bastard is wasting your time, youll sell Beauty and the beast to a man who isnt going to be trying to rip you off so you make a new deal. I have a couple of extra old VHS tapes, heres a deal: Ill give you a price. The guy looks at the tape and says Uhh, alright then. Theyre worth a lot more than what their condition is worth. You think you know what he means by thatHe starts putting the tapes into a big box and starts taking it through the back door where a large man with a goatee opens the door. You see a huge man wearing a white lab coat with a large red tie. He looks almost exactly like the guy who worked at that drug store you used to think was haunted. I thought you really wanted to get rid of it. 600, I was just surprised that I didnt get it at an earlier price.

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