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Beauty and the Beast is a 1991 Disney animated musical film based on the 18th-century French fairy tale Le Belle au Bois Dormant, The Little Black Dress The film was directed by Byron Howard and co-directed by Richard Williams and produced by Bob Richardson. The screenplay was written by Elizabeth Martin and Martin Short. The film is based on the Disney fairytale fairytale Beauty and the Beast by Charles Perrault. The film was a hit with critics from various media, The New York Times said it has the audacity to be more than a little funny, with a great deal of pathos at the same time and The Los Angeles Times called it wonderful and said that it was a rare happy musical picture, with a large cast and a few bright moments However, it received widespread critical condemnation. The Film Lawyers Association declared it totally unfit to be shown to children and the R-rated rating made it unavailable for release even in the home video format, the American Film Institute deemed it unworthy to be shown to adults, and the Directors Guild of America said it contained mild drug references, violent and sexual content, and nudity. A majority of moviegoers thought the film was not up to their expectations. 6 You walk through the lobby of the inn. The following day, you enter the inn, which is decorated for the occasion. The main room is decorated with several tables, chairs and a few paintings depicting classic Disney characters in various states of undress. A few of the paintings that hang on the wall include Sleeping Beauty, Jack and the Beanstalk and Peter Pan, which are a few of the paintings on the wall. You pass a sign that states that Youre in Beauty and the Beast, and see your name on the sign. A few minutes later, you walk outside, where a few people are milling about. There is a large sign above the entrance that reads Beauty and the Beast and on the left, a sign that says Entertainment. One of them asks if you are the man who played Beast. You exclaim, and the boy says he remembers the movie. The boys ask you to take a photo with them. You do so and while doing so, you introduce yourself as Matt Damon. It was so good, says the boy, whom you now know is Oliver.

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