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Pm, The Masters, You do not watch the showYou decide against watching the show, not even the singing competition. Instead, you decide to spend your afternoon browsing through the latest issue of the Times Guide, looking for what youre looking for. After all, you still have something extra important to do. You open up the Times Guide and find yourself at the front page. A large headline reads:NEW SHOWS ON THE CAST OF BRIARCREEKYou turn the page and your eyes are assaulted by bright colored photos, some of the most striking of which are of Jennifer Lawrence as Belle and Luke Evans as the Beast. You look at the photos, thinking that they look really pretty. So pretty in fact that your stomach does a little flip, and you start to get hungry. You try your best to keep a lid on your hunger, remembering that you still have more important things to do, but youre tempted. You think about giving in to it, but stop yourself. Youre not going to go into a movie theater and act like a slob about it. You have work to do and you need to focus on that. You turn to a certain issue that catches your eye. Its a little behind, but you find it quickly, and even a little more so than the last time you looked. You open up the main page and see a cover story about Beauty and the Beast. You spend the rest of the day in bed, reading about a live musical and a hit movie directed by the very talented Rob Marshall. Its the first day of New York Citys winter season, and in less than a week, the streets are going to be ice cold. It wont be long before the city is literally melting. You tomorrowThe next day you go back to bed and read through the same thing you did the day before. This time however, you pick up the Times Guide and look for something else. You read the cover story on Beauty and the BeastThe cover story reads, and you recognize the title, A Night of Beautiful Music and Magic. Its very similar to the cover story on the original Beauty and the Beast, except this one is for adults, and doesnt make any of the old mistakes. This story is written by a writer who was on the production of the original Beauty and the Beast and was lucky enough to get exclusive rights to the movie for many years. He was given complete creative control over what was in the movie as well as being given a larger budget than any of the cast and crew had ever had before.

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