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You play on the XboxYou cant even pretend to pretend anymore. You finally feel powerful in your own body. Youve always felt powerful, now its out in the open. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. Your sex life is better than its ever been, and its not just because youve got a better view of the TV. Youve finally found an outlet for all that inner aggression youve tried so hard to hide from society. You dont even care anymore about the fact that your parents dont approve of all this. You dont, now you can just continue to do what youve always been doing. The next day you play on the Xbox, the sun is shining, something about the warmth and the warmth of the sun, makes you feel happy, good. Youre in control, you can do whatever you want. You go to get some food and drinks from the fridge for dinner. You walk out of your bedroom, and find that the TV is on in the kitchen. Its a horror movie playing, but you cant feel any real fear, or even any sick pleasure, you just feel. Suddenly, the TV turns itself off, and you hear the TV shutting off. You turn back on, and find that the TV in the living room is on instead. A girl is on there, but shes not in the kitchen. Shes on a hilltop, staring off into the distance, smiling. You ask aloud, as the girl continues to smile. The TV turns itself off again, and turns to static. You open your fridge to get something to drink. Suddenly, the fridge door opens, and a tall man in a black suit and glasses opens it. You step back, you are about to fight him, but he doesnt look angry or threatening. Well, he looks like something out of a childrens story. Im new here, can I sit down. Well, I have to say, I was a little surprised to find something like this here, in such a prestigious neighborhood. I mean, I wouldve thought that you would be renting it out or something, or at least charging a lot more than your normal price. I cant really understand it, since Ive never been into horror movies, but then I suppose Im not much of a movie watcher myself. You get the impression that hes being very friendly. You accept his giftOf course, I dont think Ive ever seen any movies, but okay, go ahead.

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