Beauty and the beast: the enchanted christmas

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With the list out of the way, you take another look at the list. You are really surprised that you actually managed to get into the University of Maryland at College Park. You are even more surprised that you still managed to get accepted. Though you did get rejected from the University of Florida because that school was more in line with your high school choice, However, you are not going to worry about all that right now. As you continue to read the University of Maryland, or MD or UofP as you started to call it, online application, you are feeling very nervous. As you are reading the list of requirements, you hear a faint chirping sound coming from the computer. Thinking that it might be that obnoxious bird that is continually bothering you lately or it might be a message from mom, you check your phone. At first you think that it is your mother calling, but she is not. It is the voice of a girl on your computer saying your name. Hey sweetheart, nice to see you again. Yeah I know you, I dont think you got home yet though. Oh, Im sorry, I got distracted by my homework. Well you got to admit, I am a bit of a rebel arent I. Oh I dunno, you always did rebel a little bit. You begin typing while your girlfriend continues to watch your screen. You really need to work on that look of yours you know. Your girlfriend is now scrolling through photos of her and making comments about each one. Ill bet you have the cutest lips on the lips. Why dont you start talking all of your exes into your room. Hmmm, you seem to have your shit together. What did you do before you started hanging out with that loser over there. Well, I joined a fraternity, I played pickup basketball in the basement with my friends, I went to parties, I. It is really a little too much at first, but after a while, you start to respond to them.

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