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You sit there, trying to relax, and the two women speak their little string of meaningless French, while the man sits nearby, looking uninterested. Theres a pretty village, a little west of here. You should go there and do a little shopping. A little shopping shouldnt ruin your life. She doesnt say that, but it seems like she means it. You let her buy a ticketFine, its more than enough for a ticket. Well, the train only goes once an hour, and if youre in a hurry to get anywhere you should be able to get two meals on the train, and not much more. Plus youll get a free souvenir of some kind on arrival. So, youll probably get two meals and some souvenirs. Well, we dont have many of them left. Come back after a few days, well get you some more. You head off for the train in silence, as you try to come up with good things to do while youre in France. Youre a little nervous about what to do, when something catches your eye. A small shop stands there front, just a few doors down. Anyway, its open today too, so come on. The woman looks like she wants to say more, but she just turns and heads back into the shop, leaving you to wait. After a little while, she returns, looking around the shop a bit, but then she leaves you to your time there. Youre looking through the shelves, when you see a box with red letters on the outside. I havent given this out yet, but I think they should give you the extra in a box for free, right. The woman turns around and walks past you, before you go to the box, and examine the candy.

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