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Hey, do you think you could give us a little more background on Beauty. Hmm, yes I think a little background on that would be in order. She is the beautiful and talented young woman who lives in the Beast Castle. I think you must all know the Beast now, he is a big scary monster who only loves Beauty. Beauty is a very talented young woman with a very positive outlook on life. S talents and abilities in the performing arts, she was never really the best student or the brightest. She was never the one that got the most out of her abilities, and she just put the talents to good use in helping the Beast in the ways of art. But still she has a more negative side about her. A side that is more complex than just being a bit of an attention seeker and shallow. S not like a normal werewolf has to constantly look after their basic needs like food, water, and air. They can be the best warriors in the world and still starve to death. Yes, and sometimes they just need a little extra motivation and Beauty has always had that. T want to be a vampire, why go through all the trouble to become one in the first place.

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