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Watch Beauty and the Beast, 2017, FULL,MP4 MOVIES. Watch Beauty and the Beast, 2017, MP4 MOVIES. Beauty and,Beauty and, Extended Watch Beautys Beast, 2017mp4. Watch Beauty and,Beauty and, Extended Beautys Beast, 2017mp4. Watch Beautys Beast,2017, Beauty and the Beast, 2017 IMG IMGBeauty and the Beasts return to television came about much like this seasons first outing, a messy series of events that saw Belles, Emma Watson, heart broken by Le Fou and her life turned upside down when she learned that her beloved Beast, Josh Gad, had given her life for his. While were seeing a much different Belle, who is certainly more self-assured, if a bit more cynical, this season on the small screen, Emma Watsons character is definitely still an integral part of the show, as she was in the recent movie. That being said, it looks like Belle may not be the only one whos changed on the small screen this season. Check out the photo above and the video below for a behind-the-scenes look at the return, where you can see how Emma Watsons role has changed. If youre wondering, yes youll also see other changes on the show that went into production including the addition of two new villains, two new songs and more. Beauty and the Beast returns to the small screen on October 7th. New details on the final four episodes plus an intriguing image from the set. There are four episodes left of Season 4; thats about four times as much for us as any other season, says the Doctor Who blog. Which means the final four episodes of Season 4, The Witchs Familiar, The Almost People, The Lodger and The Big.

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