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Com, Official Soundcloud, and Official Soundcloud, Soundcloud And so, were off. Our first destination is to the Beasts cottage, which is home to most of the films characters. Its a large, old, creepy cottage where most of the Beasts family resides. Were here to help the Belle of the Ball with her problem with the Beast, who shes falling in love with and cannot get a hold of, so shes doing what any teenager would do. It involves a bunch of booze and a bunch of people who arent her boyfriendboyfriends parents. Were off with our first destination as soon as we hear some music. Im here to help our friend over at the Beasts cottage. I open the door, and its the most adorable fairy youve ever seen. Can you help your friend the Bovine in his time of need, or should I just leave you alone. The fairy looks away, but a look of disdain crosses her face. I turn around and see Belle standing with a bunch of other girls. They all seem to be arguing with each other.

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