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You go to the Beasts LairYou open the door and walk in. The room is dark, but the moonlight from above shines through the windows and through the doors in a dim light. You walk around the room, looking for clues to your question: Whats with the dark green curtains, the moonlight coming in through the windows and through the doors in a dim light. Tanya smiles at you, her pale lips moving in a silent o at the corners. You realize youve been staring at her, and at her lips. You know, I had an uncle who lived in this house before his wife. He was a prince from a small, tiny little kingdom called Tivoli. Theyre just like us, you know. You smile, feeling a little weird about her saying it, but she seems too happy to be lying. Tanya shakes her head, looking down. I just dont know anything about my heritage. She reaches her hand out and smiles, pressing her lips to yours. She bites your upper lip, then smiles again, biting your lower lip. You shiver and let out a long, drawn-out aaaahhh in between her kisses. Your hands grip her shoulders and pull her in for a kiss. Its warm on your lips, as she bites your bottom lip and draws back to press another kiss. You walk to the bathroom, where you find a small mirror. Im pretty sure if I tried, I can still produce the same effect.

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