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Previous Index Next last page, CNN, In a country where more than a quarter of a million people have gone missing in the last two decades, more than a dozen people have gone missing in the last seven days alone, and the numbers are rising, authorities said. In an effort to find more victims of the nations worst serial killer, authorities released photos Wednesday of a skeletal, naked woman in a bathtub, clad only in a bathrobe, at a news conference Wednesday. We still dont believe its the same person. We believe its somebody else, said John Delaney, special agent in charge of the FBIs San Diego division. Officials said the gruesome photo was taken on the morning of July 8. There was no obvious hair or eye color, but the womans lips were pursed in a way that matches the womans features in one of the photos released. The new photos of the woman from the bathtub were taken by a member of the public and are not evidence. Delaney said they have not ruled out any suspects, and are asking anyone with information to call the FBI at 800-CALL-FBI. Anyone can also call the nearest FBI field office. The man who took the photos told investigators that the woman was in her late 30s or early 40s and was wearing a bathrobe. Delaney said a police officer who was a passenger in the car, later identified as Robert Roldan, 26, of Carlsbad, California, believed it was a stranger until the woman suddenly came out of the bathroom at the end of the line-up. Roldan told investigators he tried to get all the womens attention, but none of the women in the line-up noticed the man beside them. Roldan then tried to identify the woman, but he could not, Delaney said. Roldan had no memory of what happened after he got in the car, and he could not give any information of where he was, the time or what happened in the six-minute period that he drove to the home of his girlfriend. Delaney said there was no blood on Roldans clothes, and he indicated he was not scared during the ordeal. We are looking for two things in this, Delaney said. And we are looking for the person who took those photos. Roldans girlfriend, Samantha Yoder, told reporters that her boyfriend was shaken up by the incident. Yoder said he was going back to the home he shared with his girlfriend at the time of the incident. Ive been by him, and Ive seen a very scared-looking young man, and I.

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