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S someThis review is going to get a little raunchy. The movie that inspired this movie is the 2016 film Beauty and the Beast from director Bill Condon. And I will be reviewing the first two episodes on the Criterion Collection Blu-ray that came out this weekend. Beauty and the Beast looks like it was directed well, and the first two episodes are mostly entertaining. It has its moments of brilliance and some really, really bad stuff. S a movie that is going to make you cringe every time you watch it. In this episode, the Beast has been transformed into a human woman by the Enchantresses. Belle wants to go rescue him, but the Beast tells her that it would be better if their connection was broken in order to maintain their immortality long term. T listen to him, and she sneaks past the guards and into the castle. The castle looks like it was built in the late 1800s. The Beast has a giant crown and a throne made out of the old oak wood. S also in love with the Princess and she is looking at him with longing. T just jump the shark, it also goes in the right direction. The film completely takes itself too seriously and when the Beast finally breaks Belle into his apartment, what does he do with her. S filled with mirrors, with a mirror in the ceiling as decoration. He goes on for a while and then he leaves Belle alone and in tears. Re supposed to feel bad for this poor woman. S going to pay for her school supplies. T and it makes you feel like you should be feeling sorry for this woman. The real problem of all this is that Belle is essentially the only thing the audience is supposed to care about in this castle and in this castle all the characters are men. Ve never seen before and a powerful woman who wants to protect you from the world outside your house, it gets very old very quickly. T really have any lasting impact on me, and trust me.

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