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Based on The Disney Classic Novel Beauty and the Beast. Based on the animated 1985 feature film of the same name. CastCrewBehind the scenesReceptionBased on a critical and commercial failure the film was the lowest grossing live action film of 1986 at the US box office. However, it became the second highest-grossing animated film of all-time. The film is generally praised as one of the most charming and uplifting Disney films, although some people felt its ending did fall short of being genuine. The films success was partly due to its Disney princess theme, which was a huge trend during the 80s, and so many people were looking for a romantic tale based on them; this particular film, being a fairy tale and all, suited most peoples tastes best. The films music and music video were also hugely popular and became cult classics. The first time I saw the film, I thought the plot was utterly ridiculous. I mean, what is a man to make of a film in which a man goes on an interplanetary road trip in a spaceship only to get stuck in the middle of an asteroid belt. The first thing about the plot that is very odd is that this film takes place in the future, the year 2029, and that the astronaut has to go back and forth between two planets, Uranus and Neptune, which are in no way interesting. To find out what the hell the human race is doing on those celestial bodies. If it wasnt, then why did the films title appear on screen. How did it happen that such a silly plot idea was put into the movie. I think that if youre going to have a plot, you have to stick to the obvious, and that is: the human race is on a dangerous collision course with extinction. I think that its also very odd that after the Earth is destroyed in the films opening scene, the spaceship goes back in time to go back in front of a star and warn the people of Earth that a spaceship has destroyed their planet. Who, after all, can be so irresponsible as to destroy their own planet. The Earth, in all fairness, exploded with so much force, that it was not even necessary for the spaceship to go back in time and warn Earth. Im trying to think of an obvious reason why the spaceship would travel back in time to warn Earth of an impending disaster, when its main purpose seems to be going back and forth in front of a star and blowing up stars as seen in the films title. Its not only Earth that is threatened by this danger, but the whole world. The threat of extinction, the threat of war that could wipe out all life on this planet, is no less.

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