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The song was one I had always been attracted to from the musical. I then followed it with a lot of music while sitting around watching the movie. It was only after watching the movie multiple times and then eventually getting tired of listening to it and then even getting bored of it, that I moved on to a different song. I then played the songs out loud on my smartphone playing as loud as the movies sound effects would allow. I felt that I had to get it out of my head if I was ever going to enjoy watching the movie in the future. It was only after hearing the song on the radio that I thought it had finally entered my head. I then watched the movie with the song in my head and was able to enjoy it. The soundtrack of the film was the perfect mix of fun and exciting. Cream, 3, Bolt, 1, Bootylicious, 1, Botched Opium, 1, Boxcar Bertha, 2, Break Free, 4, Broken Home, 1, Brand New Key, 1, Broken Phone, 5, Broken Promise, 1, Broken Wings, 1, Brown-Eyed Girl, 1, Bubble Gum, 5, Burning Bridges, 1, Cabana Boy, 1, Cali Girl, 3, California Dreamin, 1, Call Me Jane, 1, Canada, 1, Candid Camera, 3, Casino Royale, 13, Cant Take My Eyes Off You, 1, Car Trip, 1, Cash Money, 1, Cast Away, 2, Catfish, 3, Ceiling, 7, Central Park, 3, Chasing Cars, 1, Cheerleader Anthem, 3, Chef, 4, Cheesy Old Guy, 4, Cheetah Girl, 3, Chicago, 1, Chloroform, 1, Christmas Lights, 2, Circus, 1, Cops And Robbers.

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