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I look forward to your feedbacks, and I will continue to upload HD content. The song starts off with a sort of spooky piano that is really cool. It sounds like it would really fit over the opening titles of a feature film. And for this one, Im not just just talking about Belle. Im talking about the fact that we get a little bit of everything. You got your creepy neighbor Henry who seems to have an obsession for your sister, you got your other older sister, the very beautiful Madeline who is a little uptight and not as brave as she seems, despite this trope that is the exact opposite of what a hero SHOULD be you got your very sweet and sensitive Gaston who is a total playboy, and then you have your ditzy, but beautiful and popular nanny,Emma. We also get to know the Beast a little better and see just how much he really has changed. While the story wasnt perfect, it was very well done and felt very true to the source material. ComThis is one of the songs Im planning on re-watching. I dont think Ill be able to get through it all this time around, but I will definitely be catching the next episode. In fact Im thinking Ill be watching it in one sitting or even more. Ill have to get some snacks soon so I can sit through the whole thing. The following letter was circulated to the national and state legislative leaders in the last few weeks by the national ACLU, the New York Civil Liberties Union, in an effort to persuade them to pass some sort of pro-life law that will allow women to be able to obtain abortions so that more people can be protected from this tragedy. This letter was sent on behalf of New York NOW, New York NOW, in the words of Gloria Steinem, the President of the NYCLU, and its President and Executive Director Helen Epstein. We strongly urge Governor Cuomo to sign the Womens Right to Know Act. Although the bill has already passed this legislature, it is not currently law and is simply the Governors interpretation of the law. However, this is not the first time that the Governor has vetoed legislation that deals with womens health. This summer we saw him veto a law which would have allowed women to get free mammograms and to take their.

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