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I have comellows guide, so I cannot offer my recommendations in: this. The Uka Tubu Ukulele by Disney,free, uke, Chords, 120 ReviewsI just wish this song was longer. It feels like a long way to The Beasts cottage. Beauty And The Beast UkuleleThis is a very nice Ukulele not just for its beautiful melody but for the excellent singing that the song allows you to do. I would have never thought that using a ukulele to sing Beauty And The Beast can create amazing results since its first appearance in the movie, but this tune really makes it an unforgettable song. When you hit the first note, you are transported to that of one the Disney characters. After that song, youre in the forest and enjoying your song. The song doesnt really sound like any Disney movie tune ever and its really a nice change from the typical movie songs that you use to hearOverall, its worth checking out and even if it isnt for you, its definitely worth checking out if you like ukulele or not. Check it out at Disneys Official WebsiteRating: 910Beauty And The Beast Ukulele by Celine DionGet this song at AmazonYou can check out all the songs in this article from AdvertisementsThe next step in the evolution of the Aventador is a major facelift. This car is being redesigned from the ground up to create a sportier, more aggressive look that will be immediately identifiable as a Fiat 500L model. The styling of the previous model is very much based on its appearance in the movie Top Gun starring Tom Cruise. As you might expect, it has a lower profile, and the upper sides are a bit sharper than on the standard Aventador. The front end has a more aggressive air intake and larger round taillights, and the rear is slightly modified with a wider bumper and an air intake for the front wheels. Inside, the 500L will feature a new dash, new seats, a flat-panel LCD touch screen, and a variety of other features that will appeal to the high-tech enthusiast market.

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