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User Info: Sinkhole Sinkhole, Topic Creator, 4 years ago 2I mean Im not even sure theyre going to try to make it remotely plausible. Im just going to quote myself from the other topic. How did people hear imaginary auto-tuned music in the new Beauty and the Beast. I mean its Beauty and the Beast, I suppose I can do anything if I try hard enough. – Sinkhole, The Big List of Bad Movies – I cant even. I mean even if it was possible, and Im sure it is, theres no way its a good idea. No, Im not even going to bother with such a thing. I dont even know what the hell Im talking about. Anyway, Im just warning you now, because for whatever reason this is the best idea Ive had in years. I dont know how you could possibly go through with it, considering what I said above, but I guess well find out. If you really want to try this, I recommend that you do.

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