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T need to give me any gift. M gonna give her some gifts too. You give her the small book, it seems a little small for a queen. M coming to take you to another world. If you go with me you will have powers greater than anything any queen of the past could ever hope to have. T understand anything anymore, this book is gibberish. You open your mouth to ask if you can explain something or something, anything, but no sound comes out. You cannot make any decisions about how you are going to live your life anymore. M not going to be a queen any more. Re not helping the people or making laws then youre just playing dress-up. I never thought about it from that perspective before, but I guess it makes sense. Let me get in the middle of the action and get shit done. Re on your way to take her on a trip to another world, but first you need to take care of some paperwork. You can read more about your plans in the official transcript you are currently reading. You go to the theaterYou might be the king and queen of the land, but all that really means is that they obey what you have to say. They want a ruler and someone to back them up, not a ruler and something.

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