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Both films provide an excellent treatment of the subject of. The noise makes your blood run cold. You shake your head and try to force down your stomach grumbling like a wounded animal. You mutter while going to the couch to watch your movie. You pull on the remote causing one of the TVs in the living room to turn on. You hear a loud booming noise and the TV screen goes black. You look in the living room and see nothing but blackness. You wonder what would cause such a thing. Suddenly, you feel a stabbing pain in your head. Your blood boils and your face grows pale. It is not too late to wake up now. You can do something about it as you are in the possession of supernatural powers. You stay inside the couch and try to get some sleepYou are in possession of powers beyond your comprehension. If you stay in the couch and continue to go to sleep, you will never wake up. You decide that whatever is going on in your head you can make it go away. Your stomach pains, your headache, your headache, it will not stop. You will just have to get some sleep and come out of this with all your dignity intact. You decide to stay in the couch and begin to sleep. You feel a stabbing pain in your head. This will be the last time you will feel this kind of pain. The noise and noise of the television is now no more. You think about your situation and realize that you are in possession of a supernatural power. You sit still for a while and try to get some sleep. You try to fall asleep and all you see is blackness. It is not a pleasant way to die, but at least you are going to sleep. You look out the window and see nothing but blackness. What would make the noise and the TV turn off. A monster of some sort or perhaps an alien invasion. Suddenly your stomach pains stop and the pain in your head goes away. You then feel the sensation of being back on your couch. You then realize you are out of the living room. You have returned to your bedroom and closed and locked your door. You then realize that you have no idea where you are. You feel like you are in some kind of trance or a dream. You are certain that you are in your own bedroom.

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