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Dont forget to like us on Facebook to getart-related updates. The Fatman: Alright, alright, whos got the gun. A guy: Me, that fucking piece of shitThe Fatman: Alright, I give up, but be careful, because Ill be back. A large contingent of men loyal to the government has surrounded the city of Kharkov, which has become the focal point of an escalating power struggle following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. In the city center, you find the government building, while the streets are filled with soldiers and policemen standing on either side of the street. The soldiers have set up roadblocks, while in the park, a large crowd of citizens is fighting with sticks and stones. The chaos is beginning to spill out into the streets, and in a residential neighborhood, a group of unarmed civilians are attempting to defend their homes when a squad of soldiers fires at them. Bullets rip into the civilians, who crumble to the floor, bleed out and die. You hurry out of the park and follow the blood to the scene of the crime. In a small apartment building, two civilians are frantically trying to call for help, but the line is down. After a few more loud explosions, the second squad of soldiers bursts into the apartment building. Gunfire erupts, but the soldiers dont look at the civilians. Instead, they begin shooting at the windows of the apartment building. Several grenades go off, but the soldiers dont stop until all the civilians have been killed. Your hand clamps down on your knife, but you dont move. The soldiers have killed the civilians, but they have not killed you. You surrenderYou stare as one of the soldiers holds up a badge, and raises his weapon. You feel the cold steel of his gun point directly at your forehead. You look at your hand as your eyes widen in pain and your knees begin to buckle under you. Dont move, or were going to shoot you again, the soldier says. You ask, as you begin to fall to the ground. The one in charge here, sir, a voice says from somewhere above you. The soldiers look down at you, and raise their weapons. Youre under arrest for the murder of the President of the Soviet Union, Boris Yeltsin, one of the soldiers says. Do you have anything to say for yourself, or are you going to.

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