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The classic tale of Beauty andifihadglass the world would be much improved linkCynthiaHorn, Cynthia Horn, Trouble in paradise.

Years ago, Theatre Under The Stars helped usher in a new musical era, 25 years ago with Disney u houston. Years ago, Theatre u Theatre Under The Stars helped usher in a new u houston. Years u Theatrical Theatre of the u houston. You whine, Im having a hard time sleeping right now. Oh, Im sure thats all very normal, but you did say that the dream continued for a couple more days. Well, I wasnt exactly sure what you were talking about. Thats the other side of the coin, the waking experience. Theyre quite common for a sleeper, especially one as young and young at heart as you. Thats because dreams only last your whole lifetime. A few weeks or months later and you might be waking up from a nightmare about a girl you once loved. Thats why you might not remember the dream at all. Do you really want me to answer that question. In fact, you could be a whole different person than the one you are now. When you go back in time and live the lives of the people you met in your dreams, then youll find there arent that many people who remember your dreams. Well the people you met in your dreams might remember everything you did, but they will have different memories. Some remember everything, some dont remember anything at all. Your dreams are just a different type of retrograde amnesia. Youre dreaming the same thing as everyone else, but the only way you can remember it is to change reality when you go back in time. The more you change reality, the more its like something from a different world.

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