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ContinueAs you continue reading it you notice the word Gorilla in the title. These comics were all drawn by a giant ape named Gorilla Grodd, says a voice in your head. You pause the comic and look up, still keeping a look out for the giant ape that was talking to you. Im sure you can see the cover of this. You continueYou continue reading more pages of the comic and you begin to see a picture of an ape and a small black human. Well, I guess Ill see you soon. No, youre not a happy ape, although you kind of are now. You open the front door and walk through the front door, feeling a little strange. Okay, you can go, says John. You nod, as you walk towards the garage, and open the car door. Ill be back in a few minutes, says John. Just follow me out the front door. You walk out the front door, heading down the path that was on the side of the house. Okay, lets go and find a new home for you and your family. You head down the path, looking back as you walk, as you continue down the path. You look like you need a little more help, John. Im getting a lot of the older trees cut down, and Im not bringing in any more. This path is now a new wooded path thats accessible to everyone, but it wont be used for much longer. And I dont need to tell you again how much this house means to me, because you know how much I care. You walk a bit ahead of John, looking around the area. You should see it yourself, John says. As John begins walking, you quickly head to where your mom lives, which is at the end of the path. You wait for a moment, listening for any sounds of anything, but you hear nothing unusual and you dont hear any shouting from the family. You slowly approach the front door, as you see a tree that looks like its been felled by an axe.

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