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The last one, is a girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a blue dress and a silver crown on her head. She holds a spear on the left side of her head. Though she looks a bit shy, a little too shy. Come on everyone, let me address you all. The one in charge of the group is one of the men of the group. Since shes a woman, everyone calls her by her maiden name. Well, I suppose Gwen can be called a cute one since she does have a kind of innocent charm about her though she is a little rough around the edges. Gwen looks in my direction and speaks with a slight tone. As expected of a woman, even if shes an ugly one. Oi oi, youve gotta be joking, you ugly bitch. While I was pondering what the heck Gwen is trying to say, she spoke. My names Gwen and my husband is named Slap Happy, so I just assumed you guys were the guys I should talk to. Gwens tone was slightly apologetic, yet its still as cool as a killers. The other two man in this group have their suspicions, however I dont think shes a spy. Im thinking shes one of the ladies from the village and since Im staying here, she decided to come along. This place has already got enough men, you know. Im sure you know whos to blame for this mess. Slap-happy says this while rubbing his neck and yawning. Hes probably tired from walking around the forest all day. You see, in order to get better protection for our children, we decided to build a bigger and better home. So we decided to hire some people to do it, but unfortunately they turned out to be much more than we bargained for.

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