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Beauty and the Beast does not take place in the same time period as Beauty and the Beast, but neither Beauty and the Beast nor Aladdin take place in 323 B. The Beauty and the Beast story takes place in the year 1843, a time in which the Belles family owns a summer home on a large island named Le Grand-Baie, the old name of Long Bay This home, at that time, was called the Belle-Isle, and the story of Beauty and the Beast takes place not long after her parents sell it after a series of bad hurricanes wipe out the rest of the old French settlement on Long Bay. The heroine of the story is a young girl named Belle, who, after her parents death, is left entirely to her grandfather, Mr. The three live in an old stone cottage on the island. The characters and events in Beauty and the Beast take place in 1843 and do not take place in the year 323 B. The characters that appear in the same story as the hero of the story are not necessarily the same characters that appear in the same time period in which the story takes place. So, while the story does not take place in your time, it does not mean that you cannot make a story out of it. If your story takes place in the same time period as the story on the stage, then you do not need to find any time period for the characters or events. On the other hand, if your story takes place in some other time period, that is not the same as the time period that the characters are described in, then you may need to find a time period to describe the characters and events. As the years pass and you write the story, you may discover more about your time period, and when you do so, you may decide to add characters of your own. The time period descriptions that follow are all guesses and educated guesses. It should not be construed that my opinion about any one time period is The Truth, rather that I am trying to describe what would be expected based upon my own knowledge of the period, and if you come across any character in the story who is described differently than you do in any of the descriptions, you will be able to find out the reason, because those are the facts, and when you are done with every one of the descriptions, you may then add a description of yourself and compare it to the description of that character. This means that your character would be described the way you do know him in the story, but based upon your knowledge of the time period, which is different from the time period that the story is set in. In addition to the descriptions, it is especially important that your character be properly.

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