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Rating: 5,7 – 1 reviews and 5 votesRead the reviews and give your opinion. Lego Castle SetThe Lego Castle set is a fun addition to your Lego collection for the whole family. The set includes the castle with its castle walls and a beautiful stained glass window, which is also a part of the Lego castle set by itself The set is incredibly detailed and includes everything you need to create a beautiful miniature version of the castle. The set is a great addition that will let your kids take a step back in time and enjoy building something nostalgic and a fun experience for them. The set comes with two mini knights and the castle is decorated with hundreds of tiny pieces. The miniature version is not quite as sturdy as a minifigure, but it is more durable that the original version you would find in a typical LEGO collection and can be placed on a table and enjoyed by people of all ages. The set also includes a Lego castle model which fits in the set perfectly. The castle model is made from LEGO bricks and is highly detailed. Fun facts about the Lego castle set: the castle has two tiny knights, two minifigures, and a castle model in it. There are two unique bricks in this set, a castle brick and the castle window brick. The castle brick is the brick that attaches to the bottom wall of the castle and gives it its appearance. The castle window brick is a window brick that is attached to the top of the castle wall and gives the castle its amazing stained glass windows look. The castle model is made of many pieces with a little bit of assembly involved. You will need to attach the castle bricks to the bottom wall of the castle and glue the castle bricks to the window brick. The castle model also has the castle window and castle brick that is included in the set. Get your kids started on building their own castle by adding this set to your Lego collection now. The Lego Castle Set contains:1 x castle6 x minifigures of knights1 x castle window1 x window on the castle1 x castle wall1 x Castle base1 x instruction bookletBuy on Amazon3. The Lego Movie CastleThe Lego Movie Castle is a wonderful set and is sure to be a great addition to your Lego collection. The set features one of the best parts about Lego sets: the Lego castle. This castle is made up of a beautiful brick with various details such as the windows and the castle wall. The inside of the castle is a mix of different shapes, the windows are made up of different colors, and the walls are made up of different shapes.

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