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You go back to the sites home page and log onYou log on at Beauty and the Beasts home page and see a page telling you that your account has been suspended or suspiciously changed. You look up the word suspicious and then read the second sentence which appears below it. You will need to have a new email for use on this site in order to maintain your account. I recommend you change your email address now. You change your email addressYou click on the Forgot your password link and type in your old email address and then click Submit. You get an email from the email address you used to log in. It looks similar to a normal email you get from them so you trust it to finally be working. Re banned from this site for life and it is obviously the result of your actions to be banned for life. M contacting you because my company is currently under attack by someone known as Beauty The-Beast. M contacting you so that I can at least warn you about the person before it gets out of control. The beauty of the world is only as bright as the eyes of those that live in it. T know what that person does, then all you can do is watch. T watch, you will not see the beauty that you should, for it is not for the weak hearted. It would appear that their leader was the only one that could control it. A real ruler would have taken responsibility for what happened to the beauty and would have taken steps to prevent such an act from ever occurring again. I wish only there was a way that we could help make their loss worthwhile. Now is the time to step up and begin saving the beauty for the next generation. Let them enjoy their time on this earth and never let them forget that it is there for all of them. The link at the bottom, to register on their site, takes you to where you were before before you logged on.

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