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Mp4:playThe film is an American romantic fantasy movie about a vain young woman, Belle who becomes enchanted by the Beast and the Beasts love for her. In the original French version, you can listen to a recording of the audio of the French language dub in which you can hear some of the different members of the French cast expressing their thoughts on a French-to-English translation. The original French dub of Beauty and the Beast is the second-highest-rated French dub ever, and the first dubbed film to ever break the 10 million mark in total views on the first day of its release. Here are the original French words for Beauty and the Beast. Note that in some cases the English translation is used, while in others, the original French words are used. You dont like the Beauty and the Beast French dubBeauty and the Beast French dub is a horrible translation and is not a fair representation of the film. It makes many of the films most important lines unverifiable. For instance, the line I have dreamed of you my whole life is rendered as Je suis vrai mais je suis vrais voir in Beauty and the Beast French. It would seem that the lines are being translated from the original language, in which voir means wish. However, theyre being translated from a language very different from English, which also has the word voir. Thus, the translation is meaningless, and the line is therefore unverifiable. The line All I want is to be human like you is rendered as Je suis mensongeur. It means nothing, because the term mensongeur means a man who is less than human and its not the case that Beauty has been human her whole life. Shes only human for a few brief hours in the film, and the rest of her life she was destined to be something else. This translation also makes it sound like the Beast thinks that being human is all hes ever wanted, whereas from the beginning Beautys love for her Beast was always the driving force in her life. These two lines are also rendered as Sont les hommes ne fassent que vous mavez jamais longtemps jamais in English and Je me souhaite que tu peux vivre tue in French. These two translated lines are incorrect in various ways.

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