Beauty and the beast prologue

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You are lying naked in a bed, you are on a couch in a room, you are on top of an older woman, naked, and you are on top of another woman whose hair is in a ponytail. The older woman is smiling at you and touching your body. You look at her body and realize you are naked. The older woman is still touching you and is smiling at you. She is shocked by your answer, but still smiling. T answer and instead you begin to tell her what happened just a few seconds ago. The older woman shakes her head and sits down on the couch. The younger woman smiles and waves goodbye to the older woman. You go back to talking to the younger woman. The older woman continues to be silent the entire time, which is somewhat unsettling, but then it makes you a little excited. D probably be less interested had she been in a room full of men and women at the same time. This is why men and women like each other. Ve been lying to them all these years.

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