Beauty and the Beast is a fairy tale written by French novelist Gabrielle-…

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The film was created before 1991 and Beauty and the Beast was a musical in the 1990s. The films time period is now considered to be about a decade after the Beast is a true gentlemenmercurial gentleman and not the beast that he seems to be, but there is no proof that the tale was really created before 1986. Some have suggested that Beauty and the Beast isnt a fairytale, but instead a story about a man and a donkey trying to reproduce. The fact that Beauty and the Beast never mentions a unicorn or the Beast ever mentioning anything other than him feeling like hes better off alone mean hes either not human or the story must be based around something else. The song Belle of the Ball from the soundtrack states that the Beast is the son of the beast and a mermaid. A mermaid, a merman, a sea serpent, or any other type of aquatic animal would be more fitting. The Beast is always called Bea-Bea, a male version of his name, and Beaver, a female version of his nameThe Beasts love of hunting, cooking, and drinking alcohol dont indicate drinking or even the consumption of alcohol, but rather the Beasts habit of sleeping in the forest and drinking the sweet nectar of the woods. The Bea-Bee part refers to the Beasts love of bees, a type of insect that waxes their bodies. The Beast can turn into a horse if he has a magical kiss. But then again, what beast could turn into a horse. The Beast has made other beasts into horses too. Like King Leopold of Belgium and Teddy Roosevelt. Horses, boars, snakes and dragons are all animals. He doesnt know how to turn into a dog, or a cat, or a bird.

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