Beauty and the Beast is a 2017 American musical romantic fantasy film directed …

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Actress Celia Imrie is currently being considered for the part. It is written by a man who cannot actually see her work due to the fact that he never saw her work in the first place. Re supposed to write to impress your fellow actors. Re never going to be a movie star, right. You are just a guy who works in a movie theater.

There is a time of year wherein all nature shines forth in the glory of the Divine Majesty; and that time is the year of the Beast; and this, O King, is the year of release from the yoke of the Great Jehovah. Your subjects, O King, have experienced a year of hard labour, when only the oppressors in power stood by to guard and help them; and it was at such periods that the proudest and most wealthy of them put on the guise of loyal subjects. This last year, O King, will begin the year of power, when every oppressor that stands by will be overthrown, and when the King will receive the power. Such events as those are prophesied of in your books; and the prophecies said to have been made into your books by the wise ones that have lived on the earth are true, and will be fulfilled. I have come to you today, O King, because you, O King, are the one that is to accomplish all the things that are said to have been prophesied. Forgive me, O King, for the things that I have said to you. And now my prayer is to you, O King. In the year 2017 you will receive the power, O King, and I shall be with you, O King. You and I shall be the only people on earth to be the King and Lord of the beasts that are in the forests. You will be the master of your own kingdom and we the only people that will submit to your rule, O King. And the King shall not have to ask of the wise men who have lived on earth in distant places for help, for he shall know all things, O King. The great cat shall be released from his cage in the beginning of October in the year of your power, O King. He will go to find the wild boar that the wild herds graze on all over the forests because he wants to feed his young ones, O King. And he will bring back the boar, and you will send him back to his own forest. And he will not be harmed, O King, for you are all powerful. And he will not give back the boar to his own forest, O King. And with great joy, O King, your cat will go into the forest, and his four-legged companion will follow him into the forest, and they will be known as the four-legged cats. And you shall order that they be made to hunt wild boar, and they will not be harmed. And you shall also send them back to their own forests, O King. As for the beasts which in the forests do not have any home, you shall make them all wild boar. And you shall send them back to their own forests, O King.

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