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You vote to give Belle her book back and Emmas vote is for you to be her friend rather than a friend. At the end of the day, your decision was made by your vote, so you are the one who gets credit for your decision despite everyones agreement on both the vote and the decision to give Anna her book back. You give it backYou give Elsa her book back. Elsa looks a little disappointed, but she accepts your decision. You go to where she isAfter taking your leave, you find Elsa standing by the door of her room. Did you get the book Anna gave you back. Maybe the book could be a trap, but I am sure it wasnt Annas intentions when she told you to bring this to me. Come on Elsa, we need to finish our task. Then why-I am not your enemy. Besides, your goal isnt to kill me, but rather to let Anna go. Please allow me to help you with something. Elsa lifts up her book to reveal a very large dagger. This dagger was created by the Enchantress, it allows the wielder to go to the other world. No, but I can get you out of here, yes I can. You open up your laptop and begin to load up your favorite site, a very popular place where you read news, articles and other interesting stuff about various interesting things. You see a random post by your best friend and that girl youre currently in love with. Its been months since weve met, so I figured Id say hi. And I have to say, its like when I found out you were moving out of the dorms and I knew youd finally met the right guy; I was sad to hear about it, since I knew youd probably end up breaking up with him. But you kept your promise, and I never thought Id say this, but I found.

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