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The two of you dance, in the midst of which the Beast attempts to attack you with his claw-like hands. Dan Stevens character attempts to dance in an attempt to distract the Beast, while Belle is terrified of his hands. Dan Stevens character is clearly having a difficult time. Dan Stevens, who has now turned into a grotesque, ugly creature, dances around the Beast, his arms outstretched as if to try to distract him from hurting the boy. The Beast is on top of the stage, kicking the boy in the head, with his claw-like hands, while Belle looks on, terrified. Dan Stevens is a disgusting monster who, while charming in his role as the Beast, is clearly a fraud who has been used by the filmmakers to create an emotional connection between the audience and the film. Dan Stevens has clearly been involved in some form of misconduct, both pre- and post-filming. And you, who are a real girl watching this film, are being used. Youre not just being played as a human in this film. Youre being played as the love of an innocent girls life, who is too frightened to call the police on a man who appears to be a monster. Back to square oneYou find yourself in the basement of your uncles house in the dead of winter. Your uncle, George, is sitting in his recliner; beside him, a pair of large, round, plastic boxes. Youve been given a set of instructions: theyre to be opened only if youre a willing participant. You are to take out the box of matches inside which are hidden a set of keys, and then you are to go to your uncle and open his safe. You put your hands in your pockets, and then, opening up one of the boxes, you take out a set of keys. Well, look, we can open the safe, but we cant go in it. George opens a drawer and pulls out a set of keys. So you can look inside my safe, but you cant open it. George shows you other boxes, some locked, some open, all containing valuable possessions.

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