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You think to yourself as you head toward Maurice, who continues to stay at the base of the castle. You head to the uppermost part of the castleYou continue to head in the same direction as the movie tells you to go, which you think is the top of the castle, but you know the whole situation at the castle is a little more complicated than you initially thought. You reach the top of the castle and see that it isnt quite as high and impressive as you thought it would be. The upper part of the castle is a very colorful place to begin with. You have a hard time even making out the figures in the colorful paintings; its always an eerie feeling, and its much easier when youre looking at the painted scenery yourself, which this is. Then you see Maurice, standing at the edge of a castle balcony. You know he is here, because youve seen him before when you were on the ship; he was the one that helped you when you were in the water. Its a dark, stone structure with a strange, black, circular dome on the top. You cant make it out in the dark, but you know the structure to be the Black Pines Inn. You remember that you were staying there when you were out on the lake after the fire department got your boat back to the lake; the owner was a witch Look at this. Maurice looks around to make sure you can make out what hes talking about. He turns to look out over the horizon, and suddenly a brilliant light fills the sky, illuminating the Black Pines Inn. Maurice points to something in the distance and lets out an ecstatic scream. Its a dragon, a very majestic creature indeed, standing tall and white, roaring at the world as its body glows. You get the impression Maurice is so excited about seeing the beast that his face might even turn bright red as he speaks, and maybe even a little watery. The dragon extends a powerful claw, glowing white hot with a warm aura, which is pointed at you. Maurices face turns red as he screams about being scared by an animal, but the dragons glare is just as powerful.

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