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You say I have a boyfriendYou look at each other. You say I have a boyfriendI have a boyfriend you say. The city of Toronto is doing a poor job of policing certain neighbourhoods.

You know how to smoke that cig over there. You say walking over to the blonde woman. The man turns around and starts yelling at you. He turns around to give you the side eye while you attempt to help the woman. M not trying to be a dick, but I just want to smoke that cigarette right now. M not trying to ruin your life. You say and continue the conversation with the other man while the woman helps the first man. You smoke the entire pack with no issues and the woman even gives it to you a couple times. T even care for Esso ads anymore. S a bunch of shit about slavery being okay and all that fucking garbage on there. M not really a huge fan of that stuff either. Ve read some good shit in the past. Like like stories about the early history of the world, all sorts of shit about animals, and history in general. Not really too much about cigarettes, because most shit about cigarettes talks about the negative aspects. M pretty much immune to bullshit, so you telling me anything on here is good. The woman who is helping the man, whom you now call Ron, takes the pack from you.

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