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You dont look at themDont look at beauty and brains. Oh I can tell youre an avid reader. The woman starts to talk about something other than you. You know you should and you can, but again, beauty and brains are what youre here for. Theres something about seeing beautiful women in pictures, that makes you feel like smiling. When I was looking through the pictures, I saw you in one. At first I thought it was an old picture; I was so happy when I found your face in there. I knew right away it was the one you were looking for. I was looking through and saw the other pictures, and I saw you there, so I was like Hey what do you know about each other. Let me show you a bunch of pictures, since you werent in any of them. And you showed me a bunch of pictures of people. Well yeah, but I wanted you to see all the pictures first. So I showed you the pictures of the people at the party. Did you see me in any of them. Some of the people didnt have a lot of pictures, so I had to put you somewhere in the crowd. The rest of the pictures had pictures of you in a bunch of different poses. So like the last picture, you have a bunch of people around you, and theres a picture of you in the first position. You see the others firstYou see the others first.

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