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The series then returned in the fourth season with new characters playing each characters with new storylines. Catherine Bennett was an American television drama series that began airing on television network CBS on Septemand ended its run on Septem, based on Catherine the Great3 and centered on the character Diana Bennett. It was the third installment of the television series, based on the 1987 CBS television series of the same name. It was the subject of a sequel in the same name, which aired on the CW on Octo, two months after the finale. Originally aired on the CBS station The CW in the United States, the series has been re-titled Beauty and the Beast in Canada. The series premiered on Octoand ended its run on Septem, after airing for five seasons. In Season 2 after the death of the titular heroine, Catherine Bennett, the title character became the female lead. The series also features several recurring roles by American television actors such as Amanda Plummer; the series is notable for the inclusion of a lesbian character. The series revolves around a police procedural involving the adventures of a female character, Katherine Hale, who investigates crimes that involve the supernatural. The show was developed by Sherri Cooper-Landsman and Jennifer Levin, and stars Sherri Cooper-Landsman as Catherine Bennett, Amanda Plummer as Diana Adams, and Michael Sheen as Prince Hal, the prince of the fairies. In addition to the regular cast, the series was featured in its third and fourth season with new recurring roles by American actors, including Amanda Bynes, Cameron David Tennant, Cameron Tye Sheridan, Lily Liev Schreiber, The Phantom Thief Jennifer Tilly, Sharky and Josh Hutcherson, NathanThe series is written and created by Sherri Cooper-Landsman with the assistance of Jennifer Levin, who were executive producers. The series is notable for being the first Canadian television series in the United States to be directed by someone other than Canadian. The series was also the first television series in the United States to incorporate the supernatural. The series was nominated for multiple awards and won two: Best New Series and Best Drama Series at the Television Critics Association, TCA, Awards. It also won the 2012 Golden Raspberry Awards for Best TV Adventure, Best Miniseries, Best Writing, Best Cinematography and Best Sound Editing. In addition, the series was nominated for three BAFTAs: Best Drama for Sherri Cooper-Landsman.

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