Beauty after bruises

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This is where you stop for a moment to gape at one of your fellow wounded. S barely standing, let alone moving. His face shows the effects of an enormous amount of pain, and it seems he is not the only one suffering from it. Do you have any idea how fucking fucked up that is. The man just sits there, his head in his hands. His sister, however, stands nearby, a look of pity on her face. Ll all just get worse before we get better. M not going to go telling you how to live your lives, but I do know one thing. S going to be because of my choices, not because of my circumstances. Re doing a lot better than myself. The man and his sister both laugh, and he finally looks at you. Ve been through a lot of shit, and some shit is just unavoidable. Ve all lost people, both serving alongside us and fighting alongside the Felkans. M sure you know the toll that war takes.

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