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Supreme Court, sending the marriage equality case back down to the lower courts. Now, the same five conservative justices who ruled in favor of DOMA in 2013 are likely to rule again on Proposition 8, the ballot initiative that banned same-sex marriage in California. Did not put any money or any staffers into defeating the measure. Rather, it just sent out press releases saying the vote was an affront to marriage equality and the freedom of religion, and urged supporters to keep an eye on the courts for cases to challenge the right to same-sex marriage. However, several years later, when the court struck down DOMA, the group had become a powerhouse in marriage equality politics. 3 million, a few of which went to help elect Republicans to Congress The groups top donors have been the Christian right, which has long been one of its biggest sources of money and political clout on the conservative right. The Christian Broadcasting Network has called the group the single most influential voice in the marriage debate in America. A new spot released Monday by the groups campaign arm, Marriage Alliance, attacks the justices for overturning DOMA, arguing that the court was wrong in 2013 to throw out the law. For being totally out of touch with most Americans, and not realizing that overturning DOMA would be a grave mistake. The ad begins with a montage of clips of other justices and a news report about the DOMA decision. In it, you see some of them praising the decision as a victory for equal marriage, for the rule of law, and for the American people. But then it shows clips of other justices and journalists discussing how the ruling could affect gay rights, and then it shows a clip from an interview that the judges did with the Associated Press, in which the justices made the argument that DOMA was not a license to discriminate. Thats when the groups ad takes on a much different tone, by making a series of claims.

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