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You are tired of your new life, tired of all the responsibilities that come with it, tired of all the people. It has not healed completely, but it isnt infected, and you cant afford to have all your luck run out now. You arent entirely sure what to do, since you feel like youd get a headache from thinking about it, and you need to feed soon. You do your best to ignore the pain in your arm, which is a relief compared to the pain you used to feel after sex. You realize it must be at least a month since youve eaten, and you are still hungry, even though the pain has died down a bit. You have no idea how much longer you can keep your mind focused on that pain. You need to find a place where you can find something to eat. Maybe there is a restaurant where your sister worked, or maybe you can find someplace else. You need to eat, if only for the sake of keeping your mind focused on your current situation. You find your sisters apartmentYou decide to seek out your sisters apartment. She worked at a restaurant, so she has the kind of job that would have a place to go. You remember her from the time you would always go to their house when your parents were out of town. Her scent was always strong and that was when she used to work long hours. The apartment complex has so many apartments that finding a quiet one is a problem. You figure that if you are going to get hungry, you will have to find a place to spend time. You remember that there is a park off the road in the complex, and after you eat, you plan on walking to it to keep your mind focused on your current situation. As you start walking, you notice that there is a large tree up ahead. You know it has to be some sort of oasis from the cold, snowy weather outside. You feel a surge of energy when you see the tree towering overhead. You must look like a lost child, wandering down the street after the grown adults, but it is not your own responsibility to try to find a proper place to eat. After all, you are going to eat a lot of food on your journey. You take a seat facing the large tree. There is no one around, and you have plenty of time to think. It is a relief to sit in the same place for an extended period of time, and you remember that you are.

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