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Well I suppose I should give you something. You say and then get up and pick up the phone. You put the receiver to your ear and speak into it. Ve been putting off doing anything for the past few months, so why wait anymore. M going to start looking for my sister now. T really want to see her do you. You just want to get away from here and Ral is still going to keep trying to convince you that you should go back. More like I want to get close to her. M not giving you any fucking incentive to go back to her. S probably not going to come around and talk to you anyway. You said she might still show up tonight. Re going to abandon your goal of finding your sister, YOU are going to have to do it NOW. T going to argue with her again so you comply. Okay, so when do the two of you leave. With those words you immediately leave the tavern and head straight to your room.

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