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You can also buy a special character Haircut Hair Pin Makeup Makeup Set Eye Color in a BeautyShop. User Info: KageKon KageKon 2 years ago 8The beauty shops dont even really have as many changes. Theyll give you the same thing regardless if you change or not. I also noticed in one of my games, the beauty salons are different, but its not worth bothering with the cosmetic alterations if youre playing with the same people as me. User Info: KageKon KageKon, Topic Creator, 2 years ago 9The beauty shops actually dont really do much. The prices are usually the same if not a bit lower. You also want to ask you about the unlimited beauty salons. Im still searching for any sort of information on that, but I did find a place that sells all the different items and services that you might want to buy from the beauty salons. When you click The beauty shops dont even really do much. Federal employees must go on an unpaid leave of absence through the upcoming holiday season in observance of the birth of a Savior, prompting outrage from some conservatives. The Office of Personnel Management issued a notice on Thursday saying that federal employees who want to take leave from work must do so in time for Christmas, for purposes of family in keeping with the birth of a Savior. To request an extension to your familys paid leave, you may do so by submitting a written request to a position that allows leave for an extension period to your agencys designated leave officer, who will review any requests and determine if leave is appropriate for the position, OPM said. The announcement has been met with a mix of concern and anger, with some calling the announcement a sign of the Socialist New World Order being set up by the incompetent.

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